Woodcut Prints

Woodcut Prints

Since the spring of 2020 I have been working on a series of woodcut prints. The prints are made in a limited edition of 40. They are printed by hand, using water based ink. The prints are signed and numbered.The price is 250,- euro, including a simple frame. The size of the prints is 30 x 45 cm. Frame size is 40 by 60. You can contact me at jorisvanderhorst@gmail.com

I really enjoyed working in a new technique, I have been learning a lot of new things. I found it really interesting to revisit my oil paintings in a new way . Somehow the prints turned out a bit more painterly as the paintings I based them upon, because the paintings are so stripped down and stilized. I like that, it gives new possibilities for future paintings as well.

I use mostly the Japanese technique, using a carved woodblock for each different colour. Sometimes I cover parts of the printing block, to get different colours from the same print block. When I print, I have usually 8 colours that are printed seperately, it is like a big puzzle with the pieces taking their own place. It is an exciting proces, especially the last colour- hoping that nothing will go wrong.

Woodcut Print Chaserrug in 5 steps

stap lucht

stap sneeuw 1

stap sneeuw 2stap rots 2stap rotsen

I use seperate blocks for each colour, carved out of japanese birch plywood.

blok rots

blok sneeuw2